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Mobile Patrols

How secure is your business?

Your business could face theft, damage and safety issues. With Wilson Security, your business isn’t just protected by our trained mobile patrol staff members, it’s also protected by our state of the art equipment and systems.

We protect an array of businesses right across Australia (big or small). Our presence keeps growing because we employ some of the most experienced people in the industry with solid track records and a commitment to excellent service.

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Mobile patrols brochure

This service is carried out from the outside of a building, boundary or fenceline and includes walking or driving and looking for any breaches into the property or unwanted groups of people near the outside of the property or inside the fenceline.

Mobile patrols brochure

This is when we hold keys to a site and have access inside of a fence line or boundary including rear yards to carry out required services.

Mobile patrols brochure

This is when a patrol officer is required to carry out full or partial internal inspection of a property prior to being locked up each night. This may also include setting the alarm at the site. Internal inspections are also carried out if doors are found open or a breach into a property has occurred between patrols

Mobile patrols brochure

These can be arranged so that your property can receive the same number (1 , 2 ,3, 4 even 5 patrols ) per night whilst mixing them up from Externals to Semi -Internals or even Internal inspections, so there is no common theme that robbers can pick up on.  

Mobile patrols brochure

This style of service is even a greater deterrent in keeping robbers out of your property. An example of this service is:

  • On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights your site might have 2 patrols per night
  • On Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights you could have 3 patrols per night
  • On Saturday nights (which is often a high risk night) your property could receive 4 patrols that night.

This services works well because no one knows how many patrols are occurring each night, which assist in the security of your premises if someone is monitoring your property.

We help to make your business safer by:

Theft reduction solutions
Lock and unlock services
Responses to alarms 24/7
Escalation to all emergency services when needed

Damage control services

Removing trespassers
Ensuring the staff/public has left the building
Conducting randomised patrols day and night in highly visible security vehicles
Providing a physical presence and deterrence

Staff protection support

Welfare check-ins for your staff after hours
Duty of care services for staff such as escorts to their vehicles after hours
Transit escorts for staff who move valuable equipment or stock, or deposit cash


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The services include mobile patrols and alarm responses to various critical water and waste water assets. Wilson Security was selected due to their demonstrated track record of service in Victoria and overall capability and capacity, including a commitment to innovation and technology.
Peter O’Bree, Contracts and Governance, Melbourne Water
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