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Why Wilson Security is one of the best providers in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

When engaging a security provider, you want to know that you're choosing a team that is trusted, experienced, reliable, accredited and industry compliant. This is essential when you work in commercial real estate (CRE) space. You have assets, products, staff and machinery that needs protection, and the right tools to ensure this. That's why it's imperative you're choosing a team that understand the ins and outs of security.

Commercial real estate has distinctive needs that means they require tailored, detailed services that consider more than just the blueprints of the building. When choosing security for your business, from shopping malls to manufacturing facilities, the security you choose will impact your vulnerability to threats. 

Here's a few reasons why Wilson Security is one of the leading security provider in the industry.

We take time to understand your business needs

Customised security has shown major success in business, allowing for a tailored selection of technology, patrols and more. You know how business works, we know what it needs to stay safe. We take the time to consider and understand what you need, and allow for equal collaboration that leads to the best possible outcome.

This goes the same for your building service needs. Every building is different, and a security system that considers this is the best option for you. We don't just offer you a stock standard choice for your business. We consider every corner, every staircase and every entrance when we create a custom design. 

We understand corporate real estate

We have an extensive client base that includes a huge variety of businesses in corporate real estate. This history and experience has led us to have a firm understanding of a variety of industry sectors and their building needs. We distinguish between different industries and take the time to consider what's required to keep your business running smoothly. 

A national footprint

Due to our national scope, we are able to offer large-scale businesses and corporations with complete security solutions. Businesses with properties across the country can rest easy knowing they're engaging with one single brand that can create a completely customised solution. 


We are proud to have CRE sector specialisation, with a huge number of CRE clients spread across multiple cities. The scope of our client-base helps us have a unique specialisation to the industry, and ensures we are constantly staying up-to-date with the technology and training needs that are required to keep your business protected. 

Integrated security risk management provider

We are proud to provide you with everything you need, incorporated into a custom bundle. Wilson Security provides a full range of service options; technology, risk assessment and control, CPP, national operation centre support, concierge & customer service and mobile patrols. You don't need to pick and choose between different specialists to make sure you have the full scope, because we'll supply you with everything you need. 

Investing in the right solutions

We want you to invest in the right provider, so we invest in the right solutions. From the best in technology security through to training our staff to be equipped and qualified to handle anything, you can trust that we will put our best team at the front. We invest in up-to-date, adaptable and dynamic service solutions that enhance security services, as well as give operational efficiencies and greater security recording and reporting. This means better responses, strong risk assessment and management, and a team that is fully prepared. 

Contact the leaders in custom made security solutions

For a security team that cares about the difference they make, speak to the team at Wilson Security. We offer a full suite of security for commercial properties, including patrols, security personnel, technology and concierge services. The team is always happy to discuss a fully tailored security solution to suit the needs of your business. Call us on 1300 945 766.

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